About Us

I am Richard McGuire. I am the founder of this blog (wifirouterforall.com). I love to share my experience on this blog. I am passionate about networking and internet technology, therefore on this site, I review wireless routers in order to help make people’s lives (and internet
usages) easier.

Buying a wireless router can be a frustrating experience due to the many different options that are available, as well as conflicting reviews for those options. It’s
also easy to fall into the trap of buying a cheap router, only to find yourself spending many an evening in frustration due to connections that drop for no apparent

On this site, we guide you and provide you with expert advice in order to prevent these kinds of pitfalls. We hope you enjoy the site and the wireless routers we

If you have any comments, please feel free to get in touch by emailing us at info@wifirouterforall.com Thank you!